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Congratulations to Danny Thompson!!

Danny Thompson, son of the legendary Mickey Thompson, set a new land speed record for a piston-powered vehicle in the Challenger 2 streamliner during Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats on Mickey Thompson Bonneville LSR tires.

On Saturday, Aug. 13, Thompson set a new AA/FS record with a speed of 411.191mph. Thompson backed up Saturday’s run with a 402.348mph run on Sunday, Aug. 14, and completed the weekend with a record-setting 406.769mph official average, a significant margin over the previous record of 392.503mph.

Congrats to Steven and Gary Densham

Steven and Gary Densham win Boise. Great job guys!

Congrats to Boyd and Sons.

Second full pull and Green Streak takes the win. Congrats to Boyd and Sons.

Congrats to Jeremy and Kirk

Congrats to Jeremy and Kirk on their Sonoma Win….. GREAT JOB!

Congrats to Shane Westerfield

It’s a DOUBLE UP FOR SHANE WESTERFIELD!!!! What an AWESOME weekend for Shane,Steve, and crew.